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This children's long-sleeved anti-UV t-shirt in navy blue with a whale print and featuring a UV protection factor of 60 from LÄSSIG adapts perfectly to the body with its elastic, breathable and quick-drying material.

The seams and the extra-soft stretch fabric offer an ideal fit and are gentle on children's sensitive skin.

The LÄSSIG anti-UV t-shirt with a UPF 60 rating has been tested according to the STANDARD 801 (Hohenstein Institute) UV protection standard.

Each LÄSSIG anti-UV t-shirt is made from plastic that has been reused to make yarn.

The Lässig brand offers a wide range of practical and stylish products for parents and children, ranging from changing bags to toys and clothing. Original and durable designs for a modern lifestyle.

signifie "cool" et cela correspond totalement à son univers. Ses collections de sacs, textiles & jouets écoresponsables ont des formes et des motifs amusants pour que le quotidien soit toujours une cour de récré !

Do you know what that means? New nuggets are blooming at our favorite brands! Bring spring into your kids' wardrobes with our selection of looks, games and accessories for basking in the sun. ☀️


Nothing is lost, everything is transformed! This product is partly made from recycled fibres*, in other words, textiles that have already had a first life, incredible isn't it?

*Minimum 20%.

You've made a find! And yes, this gem is only available on the web. When it comes to delivery, the choice is yours. You can have it sent directly to your home or delivered in store – super easy!


  •  82%
  • Elasthanne 18%

clothing care

Chlorine bleaching not possible
Corresponds to the gentle cycle"
Do not dry clean
Do not iron"
Do not tumble dry.
Do not wash

Environmental characteristics

Product description corresponding to environmental qualities or characteristics


This product is made from recycled polyester fibres, for example plastic bottles and recycled textile scraps. Time for a new approach to your kids' wardrobes.

Traceability :
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing : China
  • Weaving / Knitting Weaving / Knitting : China
  • Dyeing / Printing Dyeing / Printing : China

Product content with a minimum of 20% recycled material

Releases plastic microfibers into the environment during washing

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