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Who could live without money, or complete a 250,000-piece jigsaw puzzle?
Go around your family and friends and imagine together who would be brave or foolish enough to pull off these 50 more or less improbable challenges.

It's a highly amusing way to find out how everyone perceives everyone else's personalities!

Great fun whenever we have five minutes together
The ideal and original gift offering a chance to play and chat together

Contents: 25 cards = 50 situations
Age: from 6 years old

This game is the perfect complement to the 5 MINUTES OF MOMENTS TOGETHER collection.

Made in France and a little in Belgium, then stocked in an ESAT (a sheltered workshop) which handles the logistics.

You've made a find! And yes, this gem is only available on the web. When it comes to delivery, the choice is yours. You can have it sent directly to your home or delivered in store – super easy!


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