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We take great care when we choose the materials for our trousers so that they stay in your kids' wardrobes for as long as possible. Get out your magnifying glasses and let's inspect the composition of our trousers together!


It's our favourite subject! Most of our trousers are made from cotton, a natural fibre that provides comfort and durability. This material also allows us to create sustainable pieces in recycled cotton* (*ecodesign)


When temperatures cool down, velvet makes a comeback! With pinstripes, broad stripes or no stripes at all, velvet keeps your kids warm with both its look and composition.


For softer, floaty trousers, we combine cotton fibre with viscose, preferably lyocell. Lyocell is a more responsible type of viscose that uses a non-polluting organic solvent that recycles most of the water used in its manufacture.


Contrary to popular belief, knits aren't just for jumpers! It makes our trousers comfy and means we can add some detail to the finish. It's a material that allows us to accentuate our creativity and comfort.


We add elastane to our trousers to give them greater elasticity and stretchiness. This extra comfiness means your kids can move about freely!


All our denim is made from at least 50% cotton, so it's super comfortable and hard-wearing!

And for even tougher denim, we use Cordura: a material that makes our denim ultra-strong, 4 times more durable than traditional denim. So that's pretty strong, isn't it?


Denim fabrics can be washed or dyed to produce different colours. Washing produces lighter or lighter colours, depending on the intensity of the wash. Dyeing allows you to choose from a range of colours, including grey or black.
*écodesign / Calcul d’équivalence = nombre de kilos de produit fabriqués X 45 L
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