the tape a l'oeil brand

our business

Since 1993, we've been offering #ORIGINALKIDS an informal "French-style" wardrobe, with an on-trend, yet elegant look... inspired by fashion from catwalk shows around the world and with an added twist from our designers in the Hauts-de-France region. Every day, we work to make fashion for the 0-16 age group as accessible and responsibly produced as possible.

our corporate mission

"#BOOSTTALENT: We are developing everyone's talent so that we can shape tomorrow together. "

At Tape à l'Œil, we're optimists. We are deeply convinced that we all have talent, and, consequently, we actively promote the development of each and every one of us, embracing a culture of difference and synergy, to build an even better, more united and more colourful world for tomorrow!

Because we love our products, but we love the children who wear them even more, our clothes are designed to make your kids feel comfortable. Free to be themselves and to express their talents. We want, in our own way, to help unleash children's talents!

We also take great care to foster the development of our employees' talents, through our training school, for example. Boosting everyone's talent is a really good reason for being with us at TAO!

our values

Since the very beginning, we have been firmly attached to the four values that unite us:

Over and above our profession, we are also passionate about the power of "doing things together", and we make it a point of honour to involve you, our customers, partners and employees in the decisions we make and in every one of our actions. We are a company resolutely open to the world, we believe in the virtues of discussion and sharing as a way to progress together...

join tape a l'oeil

Parce que nous sommes aussi conscients de l’impact de notre industrie textile sur le monde qui nous entoure, humblement, nous nous attachons chaque jour à faire des « petits pas », avec nos clients, vers une mode plus responsable de l’environnement, vers un vivre mieux…. Ensemble!

Learn about our "small steps" and get involved with us! our responsible approach

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